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The LivFree® 200-hr YTT fully prepared me to teach great yoga. Not only that, but it taught me how to connect with myself and with others in ways I could never have imagined. The leaders of this training are knowledgeable, loving, welcoming and open. Trust the process, and keep your heart open; you have everything to gain by taking a leap and doing your YTT through the Yoga Shop. - Rosalie Lyons

My yoga teacher training at the Yoga Shop was an intense, challenging, and gratifying experience. Throughout the course I increased my knowledge of asanas, pranayama, philosophy, and anatomy. Most importantly I met an inspiring yoga community that has become family. The training nourished me a in a way I had never experienced before. I came out in awe of what my body could do and loving myself more than ever. I always felt accepted and supported by my fellow trainees and teachers. Annie Q, Joe, and Holly inspired me to find my edge, but always respected and supported my limitations. They taught me that there is so much more to teaching and advancing your yoga practice than perfecting complicated asanas. I finished the training with confidence and excitement and couldn't wait to start teaching.  It would be an understatement to say that it changed my life for the better and look forward to continuing my education through The Yoga Shop every opportunity that I can.  RYT 200

"The Yoga Shop opens doors for so many in the community; as a place that brings people together, and a place that fosters growth in the community, The Yoga Shop becomes a place to call home.  Annie Q has created magic within the walls of the shop, and her LivFree® YTT 200 program opens you to the secrets of creating and sharing that magic with a community who seeks to better themselves through practice on their mat.  The LivFree® YTT 200 program is more than a teacher training, it is a way to transform your life and create something that will impact you to your core.  This program was hands down the best investment I have ever made in myself."

Kevin Masse, RYT 200 & Teacher @TheYogaShop 

To write about my experience becoming a certified "LivFree" teacher is to share one of the most authentic parts of myself. Through the trainings I learned the smartest way to structure a yoga class. It applies to any yoga you want to teach from foundations to power down and everything in between. The work is not just about how to teach yoga, it's about how to be the cleanest version of yourself so that you are able to give when you teach. Actually you end up receiving when you are able to teach with an open heart. In the training you find yourself, you find the nuances that show up in you're teaching, you find you're creative self. I would highly recommend this training. Be ready for the ride of your life!!! Game changer ❤

Maris Wacs RYT500 LivFree

I always thought I was living my best life. I always thought I was putting one foot in front of the other, in order, in a line, with measured precision. And you know what, I was wrong. There was so much more buried deep inside, so much more love, so much more potential, so much more me. LivFree Yoga Teacher training, it helped ME unearth the ME that has always been there but was scared to come out for the world to see. The training challenged me to my core, required me to open doors I never knew existed, allowed me to finally feel and be free in my own skin. LivFree Yoga, Annie Q, Kim, and Julie- they saw me and they loved me for all my rights and all my wrongs. And you know what, they lead me right to the path of loving myself for the first time in my life.
If they can do this for me, they can do it for you.. what have you got to lose? 

Lisanne Rae Cozart, RYT 500-hour LivFree®️ Certified

Signing up for The LivFree® 200hr Teacher Training was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had inspiring mentors who guided me not only on my teaching but on connection to myself and others. By the end of my training I had a clearer vision of who I am and the confidence to lead people in a yoga class and beyond. 

-Dana Wilcox RYT 200

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The LivFree® Yoga programs are liberating. The staff at The Yoga Shop are amazing and they teach you with a holistic view point. You have to go through the process to experience it. At the end, you come out knowing things that you never knew about yourself and closer to your true authentic self. They equip you with strategies to deal with emotional stability, physical strength and interpersonal relationships. They provide a community of support, love and care to keep growing that you never want to leave.

With lots of gratitude and love towards Livfree® Staff!!! RYT 200

I completed my LivFree®️200 hour training in the Spring of 2019. From the moment I filled out the application, I knew it was going to be bigger than learning to teach yoga. I dove into a journey of personal growth, surrounded by supportive, loving teachers and fellow YTT students. The preparation and hard work from my teachers and myself left me more than confident and capable in teaching yoga. The only time I have looked back has been to see how far I have come in this short period of time. In January of 2020 I began my LivFree®️ 300 hour teacher training program. My heart, and soul are dedicated to growing with the guidance, trust and love of my teachers. The relationships I have gained with my fellow YTT students help us to support each other throughout the journey and beyond.  It is an experience beyond words. 

Caroline Hannon. RYT 200

When I signed up for the 200 hour yoga teacher training through the LivFree Yoga School, I was looking for a way to develop friendships and community and deepen my personal practice at the same time. In those few months I was welcomed, challenged, and inspired by the yoga, my fellow trainees, and the 200 hour facilitators that are still mentors to me years later. I dove in to the 300 hour training just a short while after and found that sharing this practice with others whether it’s in the studio, or even at work or home to some degree, provides a natural outlet for creativity and kindness that I’m positive I wouldn’t find anywhere else. What I have appreciated the most about my experience with the LivFree®️ Yoga School so far has been the high standard of respect and love that it held all of us to, and helped me build for myself at a time when I didn’t have enough of it, because I didn’t think I was enough.
Angie Chokran, RYT 500-hour LivFree®️ Certified

I’ve done both my 200h and my 300h Yoga Teacher Training with Annie Q, and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. The deep work in these trainings has helped me grow, not only as a yoga teacher, but as a person. It will challenge you physically and mentally and literally force you way out of your comfort zone – where change happens. And most importantly, this training will give you all the tools you need to become an amazing yoga teacher! I have never felt so challenged and yet so supported at the same time. Annie Q is a masterful teacher and I am forever grateful for her. 

Petra Axlund, ERTY-500 and Meditation Coach

I took my first LivFree class on the first day of my 200 hour teacher training.  I remember Annie guaranteeing that we would be able to teach yoga anywhere, to anyone.

Since then, I’ve taught classes in yoga studios, an assisted living facility, a high school auditorium, a high school health class, a retail store in the mall, a computer lab, Mexico, in the home of almost everyone I know, and I look forward to continuing to teach everyone everywhere.

My LivFree trainings gave me exactly what they promised.  10 out of 10 ♥️

~Jeff Cappadora

I completed both the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training as well as the 300 hour Training with The Yoga Shop. Both programs were life changing to say the very least. I went into my 200 hour without a strong desire to be a yoga teacher but to deepen my practice. I came out of the program with so much more. The program not only allowed me to deepen my practice it gave me the desire to share this yoga with others and to learn so much about true self. The part of me that I was hiding for so long, the part of me that I missed was brought back to life. To teach this life changing yoga to others who are looking for what I was looking for is truly a blessing. The 200 hour program was my revival. The 300 hour took what I learned from the 200 hour to a new level. My love for LivFree® yoga and for teaching grew. I can’t get enough of it and I want to share it with everyone around me. The 300 hour also allowed me to become my best self. It transformed me in so many ways. I see and feel the difference in my teaching, my connection with my students, and in my life outside of yoga. It is hard to put into words the impact these training's have had on my life but I know the people around me can see it and feel it because I can. 

Kara Delana, RYT 200

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The most important thing that LivFree yoga teacher training taught me is simple: to be myself on and off my mat. As long as I am grounded in my authenticity, the light will shine through -- and then it's there for the whole world to absorb. This teaching never stops expanding and makes you never want to stop growing internally as you connect your heart, your mind and your body. It is organic and it is beautiful and it is magic. I am so grateful for this training, which I come back to in my life every single day.

-Amy Simkovitz

"The Yoga Shop has been my hOMe since 2012. From practicing regularly to 300hr RYT, it's given me so much more than just a yoga practice. These trainings are beyond what you might expect them to be. They are challenging, invigorating and inspiring. I now teach outside of The Yoga Shop and I am that much more grateful for the challenges I've overcome and the depth of my training to carry me throughout the rest of my yoga career. Annie, Kim and Julie are amazing guides that will foster a side of yourself you know you had but needed that extra push to blossom into. It's no easy feat, but the rewards are ten fold. If you're considering YTT anywhere, strongly consider The Yoga Shop because you and your students are WORTH IT. Spread the LOVE & join the table because there's always room!

-Kristin Santamaria"

When I decided to enroll in a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training I anticipated that I would learn about the poses, deepen my practice, and pick up some Sanskrit along the way. What I found at The Yoga Shop was above and beyond anything I could have anticipated.  I amazed by the amount of information I was immersed in during my training regarding poses, anatomy, Yogic literature, self-examination, and living yoga as a lifestyle off my mat.  From day one, I was trained how to be a yoga teacher and given skills that would allow me to:  1) teach LivFree Yoga (which on day one I thought was impossible); and 2) provide a skill set that allows me to step into any teaching situation and feel confident that I can deliver a great yoga class to my students.  Personally, one of the best things about The Yoga Shop YTT was its structure.  In four intense months I garnered the knowledge that in other schools can take up to a year or more.  And during those four months, I was surrounded by a community that supported and encouraged my growth, my learning, and my self-exploration.  One thing no one ever tells you about YTT is that it's not just about learning yoga, it's about learning who you are; it's about taking a big step to meet yourself on the mat, and learn the amazing power of self-revelation that a yoga practice can provide.  It's a gift I am grateful for, and one I share with every class I teach.   

Best of luck and Big Love to all of you out there thinking about making taking this step.  You can do it! 

Brenna Adams, 200-RYT   

The Yoga shops LivFree Yoga School has impacted my life in such an amazing way. It was life changing in such a positive way. I was guided on how to step into my power. I  came in as person scared to be seen. I left as a person not afraid to be seen. I am more confident in my life and in my ability to teach anything. The yoga shop school as opened up doors in my life that I wasn’t afraid to enter.  I am grounded in love and believe anything is possible. The yoga shop LivFree school is more then a school is a home. So lucky to be part of the community an honored to have my 200hr and 500hr from them. The teachers are amazing as while as the style of yoga. I highly recommend this school, it was one of the best investments I ever made.

Love Tracey Zito 

My teacher training experience with The Yoga Shop changed my life. I came into the shop with little experience in my practice, and after two months of practicing weekly i was sure yoga teaching was for me. What I didn't know was that my peers and teachers alike would guide me to the most profound and valuable lessons I carry in this life; confidence, servitude and gratitude. My teacher training started with my first ever LivFree Power class which pushed me to (what i thought was) my physical my limit. Little did i know, this was only the tip of the iceberg and I discovered my capabilities to be anything I set my mind to. This path has lead me through physical and mental endurance that continues on every day, on and off my mat. 

Sarah Kelting, RYT 200

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking to graduate from a yoga teacher training program fully prepared to teach an entire class. I also strongly recommend this program for those who are seeking personal growth and a deeper connection to themselves, others, the universe, and their own yoga practice.  I entered into the 200-hour training with an academic mindset, interested in the topics covered in the training for professional growth, and I left the training with so much more than I could have ever imagined! If you are reading this review, that amount of interest is enough, just take the plunge and do it; you won't be disappointed!

~Kristen Pinsonneault